Need of Software Engineering Training and Skilled Manpower:

When the talk of quality in software and systems is the buzzword today, how are we prepared to handle this as a nation? The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, has recently highlighted the point that India has to be a nation “with skills”. Historically, software and systems quality is not being addressed in the Indian education system as a specific specialized curriculum or subject matter expertise. Many times it is just confined to “software or systems testing”. There are not very substantial courses or university curricula that are available that are producing highly competent software or systems quality professionals out of college. The situation is worsened by the fact that young students when they come out of the university or college, they select the “discipline of quality” more as a “second choice” and not as “a priority discipline”. The reason for this is obvious. The young students have never heard of a famous CEO of a global IT firm who has been a “software or systems quality professional”. Simply said, the young students do not see a career in the field of “quality” which will lead them to the top. Hence the “brilliant lot” considers it to be the “choice of average”. Another detrimental factor is the fact that young students when they start their career – they always hear everybody talking eloquently about the product and systems quality at all fora .. on TV .. on all types of media .. but when they see within their own company .. they see the quality-function as one of the most fledgling of functions (of maybe minuscule size, as well) – someone’s whose existence is just a necessary requirement (or at best an ornament) with minimum authority … existing for the name-sake. This may not be true for all, but coming to the brass-tacks and shorn of the glib-talk, this is what it is. To build our nation’s future, we have to work on the culture of quality more as a life-style idea transcending to our work-place. Work maybe fun – the work has to be quality.

It is time to realize that we use platforms like ISO 12207 on software development best practices… ISO 26262 on Functional Safety… (there is a long list of such useful and excellence frameworks) and integrate them as specialized courses in our Elementary, Intermediate, University and Post-Doctoral Educational Programs so that we have a generation which believes in quality. It is hard work – as hard as the toughest discipline – that could be. The earlier we do it, better it is.

We at DQS Certification India provide Trainings on the topics related to Software Engineering. DQS Software Engineering Trainings are aimed at empowering the participants so that that can learn different topics and employ their best at their organizations. These courses helps participants in gaining a professional level of competence and proficiency in the principles and practices of quality assurance in the IT profession.

These courses also evaluate competence of personnel in respective field and provide assurance of competence of candidates having these courses.

These are widely recognized topics in the software industry. After completing these courses, as a professional, you would be able to demonstrate the skills and capabilities necessary to manage the relevant functions and hence will be able to play a huge role in building the organizations.

Completing these professional Software Engineering Courses always helps in following manner:

  • Indication of a level of knowledge and competence
  • Can be a deciding factor in hiring, promotion, and salary action decisions
  • Competency resources to IT staff
  • Recognition by IT management for professional achievement
  • Reorganize or first step the fresher to enter in the IT industry.


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